Portable Toilets for Construction Sites or Budget Events

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Our budget portable toilets are perfect for construction projects and jobs, or any budget event. It is vitally important to have clean and easily accessible toilets available to construction crews to maintain morale and productivity. Trust EcoLoo’s friendly and professional customer service to provide you with the correct number of high quality portable toilets to support your crew or event.

  • Suitable for construction sites or budget events.
  • Clean and neat.
  • Easy to mobilize.
  • Monthly or daily rental.
  • Weekly cleaning.

How many portable toilets do I need?

Number of people Number of toilets
1-15 1 to 2
16-30 3 to 4
31-45 4 to 5
46-61 4 to 6
61-75 5 to 7
76-90 6 to 8
91-100 7 to 10